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November 14, 2005

The HCPGIA (Hampden County Plumbing & Gas Inspectors Association) was formed to promote education to the inspectors that represent the towns and cities that make up Hampden County. This association will also allow inspectors to get accredited time toward their annual certification requirement, which Plumbing and Gas Inspectors are required to have a total of 12 hours of ongoing education each year. This education is focused on changes to plumbing and gas codes and regulations in the interest of public health and safety . Please browse our site which offers educational services & knowledge for the Plumbing and Gas fitting industry. As a member take the opportunity to gather and share information regarding the Plumbing and Gas fitting industry in our members room. Our  association site is set-up for all  to have a online presence to gather and share information within the Plumbing and Gas fitting industry in the Hampden County.

President: Sam Santaniello
Vice-President: Mick Normoyale
Secretary/Treasure: Doug Dreyer

HCPGIA - Officers

To view the list of Associations who have formally applied to teach the 1 hour inspector classes this fall, and  the
Dates of the CE classes to be held by HCPGIA,

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